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Nobody Wants To Hear About It

Updated June 23, 2017

No one wants to hear that cellphones can cause cancer, because everybody has a cellphone.

We have a problem that no one is interested in hearing. The problem is that cellphones can cause cancer. Cellphones / Smartphones emit microwave radiation and it has been proven to damage your brain cells. Examples can be found here and here and here.

New Ager’s think that if you think about thing’s like cellphones and cancer, you’ll attract that into your experience, so it’s best to IGNORE it and go on with life.

I think there is some truth about drawing into your experience that which you focus on. A cellphone is a device that emits microwave radiation that is harmful to biological life. Cellphones can cause cancer and it does not care if you’re thinking about it or not. Not thinking about it won’t neutralize the radiation, but Orgonite will.

Yes, I’m as addicted to these amazing devices as anyone. But I have Orgonite on my old beat up Samsung S4, as you can see in the image below. I have a tower buster on my laptop and one next to my MiFi.

So here’s some suggestions,

1) Text instead of talk.

2) If you do need to talk, don’t put your cellphone up to your ear, use it on speaker and keep it at least 12 inches from your head

3) If you have children, limit their use of cellphones as they are at high risk for cell damage because their brains absorb twice as much radiation as adults.

4) Stick a piece of Orgonite to your cellphone / WiFi / MiFi / Tablet / Laptop to help neutralize / harmonize the electromagnetic radiation they emit. If you buy it from me (great) or not, just get some!

Having a piece of Orgonite on your phone show’s you have some consideration for others, like your children, family and friends.

If you want to shield your home and property from the effects of environmental radiation influences, bury 4 or more tower busters on corner’s of your property, then bury some more just outside the building envelope of your home. I have several examples of this process on this page here. Depending on where your proximity to cell tower’s, electric sub-stations, transformer’s etc, you may need some more tower busters inside your house.

Did the power company install a Smart-meter on your property? Stick (caulking or Goop) 4 tower busters around the outside of the Smart-meter. Smear the caulking or Goop on the larger flat circular surface of the tower buster and press and hold onto the wall in a square pattern around the Smart-meter. Doing this will help neutralize / harmonize the electromagnetic radiation spikes that Smart-meter’s emit 3 to 30 times an hour.

Eventually the FCC and the cell phone industry will be called out on all the damage they are doing to humanity and the environment. They will be forced to adopt a range of frequencies that are not harmful to biological life. Until then, use Orgonite to shield yourself, your property and loved ones.

I have a friend who just moved out to Dewey Arizona. He is using a cellphone signal booster to amplify the weak signal reaching his house.

He texted me this morning to tell me that he had to move the tower buster away from the cellphone booster because they were blocking reception. I view this as confirmation the TB’s are working.

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