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Ed and RozlynMy name is Edward Movius. The wonderful woman next to me is my life partner and 40+ year psychic professional Rozlyn Reynolds. Together, we make the offerings on this website. Rozlyn possesses many amazing intuitive gifts and one of her gifts allows her to feel an energy in ways that I can only imagine. She can feel the energetics of everything. This sensitivity is why she is able to do what she does.

All of the crystals, metal and epoxy resin combinations that are the Orgone energy devices we make, are screened and approved by Rozlyn to ensure they are emitting strong, positive life force energy. Rozlyn also picks out personal devices for our customers that resonate best with their frequency. She does this remotely by me telling her the customers first name, then I present her with a selection of their chosen designs of which she picks one or more. Rozlyn can also see our Aura and she enjoys witnessing a person putting on one of our devices to see how it changes the color and vibrancy of their Aura.

Rozlyn has maintained an office in Sedona since February of 2014 where she provides a variety of psychic consultations. She and I have the pleasure of meeting many very intuitive people who are guided to come to Sedona for many reasons, although most are of a spiritual nature. We have gifted and sold (depending on their finances) many of our acquaintances with Orgone Tower Busters, as well as personal Orgone devices to help protect their living and personal energy space. Those who are sensitive to energy can feel the effects of the Orgone energy immediately.

We’ve worn many hats in our lifetime and none of the endeavors we’ve pursued bring us as much pleasure as creating Orgone energy products that not only look good but feel good too. It is a wonderful thing to create this simple composite that helps protect people, animals, and the environment. We’ve never been so excited about doing anything as we are about creating these devices with insight from our intuitive partners.

We sincerely hope you peruse our offerings below and find something you desire for yourself, your property, your family and friends.


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