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Orgone Pyramids are a Powerful compact Orgone generator for Home and Work

Many observations have shown that the Pyramid shape has its own peculiar energetic qualities that add to the already strong effect of the Orgone to increase it sphere of influence.

These 4-1/2″ x 4-1/2″ x  3-1/4″ tall Orgone Pyramids work 24/7 to harmonize the environmental energies of your home and workplace.

Orgone Pyramid Placement

  • You can place an Orgone Pyramid anywhere to clear old stale energies from the environment.
  • Place 6 Orgone Pyramids in a Hexagon configuration outside to help clear the sky’s of dead orgone energy and mitigate the effects of chemtrails in your area. Use it in conjunction with an Orgonite Cloud Buster to increase its effectiveness to a 45-mile radius.
  • Place an Orgone Pyramid on your desk at work to harmonize the energies in your workspace.
  • Place an Orgone Pyramid on the coffee table to harmonize the energies in your living room.
  • Place an Orgone Pyramid on your bedside table to harmonize night time energies for a great nights rest. If you or a family member suffers from night terror’s, place an Orgonite Pyramid under the bed, aligned under where your head will rest for relief.
  • Put an Orgone Pyramid near your entertainment center or next to your WiFi router to mitigate EMF.
  • Take an Orgone Pyramid with you while traveling to clear and harmonize the anxious energies of the airplane and to clear old stale energies from your hotel room.

These Orgone Pyramids are made with aluminum shavings from our local metals recycler and 5 teaspoons of my proprietary curly copper pieces. The aluminum shavings are washed clean with dish soap and water.

Each Orgone Pyramid has one (1) Large 12 gauge copper wire coil wrapped Clear Quartz point, 20 – 30 Citrine Quartz beads to continually clear the quartz crystal. Additional crystals and minerals are in the description for each Model


We have the traditional Clear casting resin orgone pyramids pre-made.

Beware of Ineffective Orgone Devices

Devices with little metal and large area’s of clear resin, where the wires, crystals, minerals, etc are clearly visible, have greatly diminished energetic qualities. True Orgone devices are made with equal parts (by volume) of resin and metal. Any energy sensitive person like my partner Rozlyn can confirm this.



We recommend you purchase an Orgone Pyramid for everyone in your family. It is a wonderful gift that works 24/7 to harmonize the energies of the environment and to mitigate electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) and electromagnetic radiation (EMR).

If you have any questions, comments or concern’s, please give us a call at 928 202-8244.

Thank you and kind regards,

Ed & Roz

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