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I. L. ~ Hello Ed!

I want to tell you what a difference your orgonite made during my last visit to my daughter’s home. Her husband is a volatile guy who creates chaos around him.  This visit I brought four pieces of orgonite from my home and my orgonite pendant.  We put the tower busters in the inside four corners of their home, and my daughter wore the pendant.  I kept a piece of your orgonite in my pocket.

This was the best visit I have had with them since they married.  Very little discord, happy times, a more relaxed daughter.  She is sold on the value of your orgonite.

I will be buying tower busters and a new pendant from you as soon as possible.

Also, people commented on the beauty of your heart pendant many times.

Thank you for putting so much light and energy into your products.  Your spirituality and depth of mission shines through!

Yours in light,

I. L.

James R. ~ Hi Ed,

I appreciate you gifting me this beautiful and amazing pendant! To answer your questions: I feel more energy and a high level of intuitive gifts. I wear the pendant almost everyday. Visually the pendant is beautiful and I get a lot of compliments. I wouldn’t change a thing on it..It’s unique. The energy that comes off the pendant is positive.

Hope to see you and Roz soon! Namaste, James.

Note from Ed & Roz: Thank you James. We’re so happy you like the piece! James was gifted a trapezoid orgonite pendant

Lisa M. ~ I love my geometric pendant… it feels good on my body and the design is wonderful! I feel it enhances my energy, and I get a lot of comments from people because it is very attractive and people are drawn to its energy!
Thanks you guys I love it!

Note from Ed & Roz: Thanks Lisa..Sis! (Lisa is Ed’s sister). Lisa was gifted a small pillar orgonite pendant to checkout.

Heather G. ~ “Ed’s orgonite pendants have helped so much with protecting from EMF’s and staying grounded with all the energy in our world today, including the intense solar flare/storm activity. I could feel the difference the moment I put on the orgonite, as it easily calms and soothes. I always wear it while on the computer, and I don’t get the headaches, aches and pains, or fatigue I used to.”

Note from Ed & Roz: Thank you and so happy the piece we gave you is working beyond our expectations. Heather is a published Author and was given a hexagon orgonite pendant to try.

Carol Z. ~ “Hi Ed! Want to say thank you again for your beautiful work. I really love the Orgonite piece. Wear it pretty much every day. Definitely wear it at work every day. I don’t feel as whacked out as I used to from that place. Do you have a price list on the items you create? In case someone is interested and wants to know the cost or at least a price range if possible. Hugs to you and your Honey! Peace!”

Dec. 27, 2015 ~ I have four beautiful blue Orgonite Tower Buster Heart Shapes placed in all four corners of our apartment. Gradually I have noticed the energy shift. I find myself more focused and motivated, accomplishing what I need to do. There is also a feeling of peace and allowance. I am grateful to have these hearts and the heart pendant that I wear everyday. Gratitude!

Note from Ed & Roz: Thank you Carol for the kind words. We’re glad you’re enjoying the Heart Pendant you purchased.

Tom N. ~ WOW!  So grateful to find your site and to receive the Orgonite!  My house had become a bit ‘too active’ – but since placing the Orgonite towers – peace and quiet!  I use them in my car as well – thank you!
PS – I just got some for my daughter who lives near an ‘old plantation’ in the south – it was a little too active for her as well – until we planted the Orgonite around her house. Sweet!
Thanks Ed and Roz!

Note from Ed & Roz: You’re welcome Tom, thank YOU! Tom was gifted with some Tower Busters and a Heart plain piece (which Tom modified to wear as a pendant). Tom was impressed enough with it to purchase several more TB’s and Heart plain pieces for his daughter’s family. Thank you kindly Tom!

Feel free to add your questions, comments or concern’s using the comment form below. ~ Ed & Roz

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