Orgone Energy Tower Busters


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Orgone Energy Tower Buster’s handmade by Ed, verified by Roz

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Tower busters can be used to improve the energy practically everywhere. We have used them to surround homes, clients have used them to detox soil. Farmers and ranchers use them to increase crop yield and animal health, gifters have used them to improve the energetics of thousands of locations Worldwide and have tossed them to detox polluted rivers to name just a few applications.

This 4 oz. Orgone Tower Buster has 1 tsp of clear Quartz Crystal chips, 1/4 tsp small Citrine Quartz chips, 1- pinch of crushed Black Tourmaline and Aluminum shavings embedded in fiberglass resin. The small Aluminum pieces are from a CNC machine that I buy from the local metal recycler in our neighborhood.

Quick Facts About Orgone Energy Devices

  • Simple. Easy to make. Works continuously.
  • Turns negative energy into positive energy.
  • Purifies the atmosphere, detoxifies water, ends drought.
  • Helps plants grow better, repel pests & require less water.
  • Mitigates the harmful effects of EMF radiation.
  • Disarms and repels predatory forms of life.
  • Inspires a pleasant demeanor and balanced, happier moods.
  • Frequently remedies insomnia and chronic nightmares.
  • Helps awaken your innate psychic senses.

The idea is to create a shield around your living and working space that mitigates all harmful frequencies being emitted from all electric devices.

Home and Business Owners

You can do this by placing (burying) a tower buster in each corner of your property (larger properties may require more). Then in the four outside or inside corners of your home. And if need be, the four corners of your computer and WiFi router room. I have created a page with detailed information on how to use Orgonite here.

We recommend you place a tower buster where your waterline enters the residence or business property at the property line.

Tower busters can be used to mitigate geopathic stress ie~ lay lines that cross or intersect on your property.

If you have a smart meter, I suggest you place 4 tower busters inside your building envelope on the wall opposite where the smart-meter resides to mitigate the electromagnetic radiation spikes emitted by smart meters.

If you have someone who is plagued by nightmares or night terrors, place a tower buster underneath their bed for relief.

If you are unsure as to placement or have a special problem you’re seeking resolution for, call Ed for a free consultation 928-202-8244.

Farmers and Ranchers

Orgone tower busters at 12 per acre can increase crop yields with less water and toxic chemicals. Place a TB in your water trough/tank to detoxify the water. Orgone devices have a calming effect on livestock and horses.


Dropping one or two tower busters at your favorite fishing hole will detoxify the water and create an environment where fish like to hang out.


Making tower busters, chem busters etc and gifting them to toxic land, creeks, rivers, lakes etc will detoxify those areas much quicker. Click here for instructions on making these devices yourselves.

Gifting Orgone Devices to your neighborhood will reduce negative energies and violent outburst’s. Place or bury a couple tower busters adjacent to difficult, noisy neighbors for relief.

Beware of Ineffective Orgone Devices

Devices with little metal and large area’s of clear resin, where the wires, crystals, minerals etc are clearly visible, have greatly diminished energetic qualities. True Orgone devices are made with equal parts (by volume) of resin and metal. Any energy sensitive person like my partner Rozlyn can confirm this.


Please feel free to text us (928-202-8244) with questions or concern’s and we’ll call you back at our earliest convenience. Orgone devices are truly amazing.

Kind regards and God Bless.

Ed and Roz

Shipping Rates

3 TB’s or less – $3.90 – USPS First Class Pkg
4 to 24 TB’s – $8.00 – USPS Priority Flat Rate Padded Envelope
36 Paks – $13.65 – USPS Priority Medium Flat Rate Box
48 Paks – $13.65 – USPS Priority Medium Flat Rate Box
100 Pak – $18.85 – USPS Priority Large Flat Rate Box

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