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VT – Your Radiation, This Week


Your Radiation, This Week

These are the recorded Radiation Highs affecting people this week around the US


… by Bob Nichols,   … for Veterans Today


(San Francisco) April 3, 2015 – This is “Your Radiation, This Week.”  United States.  Let’s get right to it.


(In Counts per Minute, 50 CPM is an Alert Level)

291 CPM Boston, MA,

271 CPM New York City, NY
230 CPM Atlanta, GA
465 CPM Miami, FL
205 CPM Chicago, IL
252 CPM Des Moines, IA
371 CPM Aberdeen SD
339 CPM Kansas City, KA
347 CPM Tulsa, OK
474 CPM Little Rock, AR
423 CPM Dallas TX
316 CPM Lubbock, TX
366 CPM South Valley, NM
658 CPM Albuquerque, NM* Highest
429 CPM Grand Junction, CO
647 CPM Billings, MT
560 CPM Phoenix, AZ*
143 CPM Las Vegas, NV
514 CPM San Diego, CA
324 CPM Los Angeles, CA
228 CPM San Francisco, CA
459 CPM Spokane, WA

It's raining dead blackbirds...why?Across the United States from East to West and North to South, this is Your Radiation, This Week.

What does the Rad mean?

The radiation measurements are much higher today than years ago. The radiation from nuclear bomb detonations and reactors has been falling to the ground for these past 70 years. The radioactive products last millions and in many cases billions of years. For us, the Rad lasts effectively, forever.

Although we can’t see it, taste it, smell it or hear it we can measure radiation and observe its effects. One way to measure radiation which the United States Environmental Protection Agency [EPA] has chosen to use on its radiation websites is in Counts Per Minute. Each Count is One Radioactive Decay.

A radioactive decay occurs when a radioactive isotope annihilates itself in a radioactive explosion. This happens on a regular and methodical basis. It is worse when the explosion happens inside of you. People working for governments have devised ways to make use of this property of radioactive isotopes in nuclear bombs and reactors.

For example, 50 CPM is 50 Counts Per Minute [CPM] or 50 radioactive decays per minute. A related measure is Counts per Second [CPS.] 50 CPM is the same as 0.833 CPS, it is a per minute value divided by 60 seconds.

Fifty CPM is an alert level and has been for years for people around radiation. The alert means that the radiation level is higher than it should to be.

The Radiation Levels recorded by the EPA in the American cities listed above this past week are well beyond the old days and an alert level of 50 CPM. This radiation is not the kind of pollution than can be diluted or disappears by itself in a few days or years. The “longed lived” radiation lives much longer than this Planet will be around, according to astronomers and physicists.

How to Fix the radiation?

That question has been pursued by many people for over 70 years without an answer except for abysmal failures and constantly rising radiation levels. There is no solution in my opinion. The only thing that can be done is to store radioactive material in progressively larger boxes. The radiation destroys the boxes from the inside out. There likely will never be a solution except to stop mining Uranium.

The US government, politicians and functionaries alike cling to the destructive power of the Nuclear Bombs to maintain Control over the rest of the non-nuclear world. The US works grudgingly with the other nuclear nations on matters of governance of the Empire.

It is not likely the Nuclear Powers will change their nuclear policies on their own. I don’t know what to do there; but, there are precious few choices. This stuff gets real serious real fast.

People in Nuclear Countries Don’t Breed Well

Nuclear isotopes are drawn to human germ cells, men’s and women’s alike. This diminishes the Total Fertility Rate [TFR] of the nuclear countries and the world’s population. The nuclear countries nuke their population’s germ cells first. The TFR is something that countries can and do measure. The results are readily available. Lies show up pretty quickly.

South Korea recently cancelled a US$6 Billion dollar military equipment purchase in part because of demographics. Their abysmal TFR is 1.25 children born/woman (2014 est) according to the American CIA. The World Bank and the UN keep similar statistics. A country with a growing population is one with a TFR of more than 2.1 children born/woman. The difference is apalling.

A country that kills its children – soon doesn’t have enough personnel to adequately run a standing Army or other industries and services. It’s either nukes for a few years with dead kids and missing adults in the labor force and Army; or, a prospering growing economy, Army and country. It’s an either/or choice; a country can’t do both.

Question: If you were the President what would you do about nuclear power plants and nuclear weapons? 

A. Dump the Nukes and Bombs.

B. Continue as is.

C. Build more Nukes and Nuclear Bombs.

Check with me, Bob Nichols, on VeteransToday for the next edition of Your Radiation, This Week.

Copyright by Bob Nichols, Apr 2, 2015.


1. The Radiation charts and graphs of the EPA .

2. The EPA based reporting of, an LLC.

3. * Radiation equals combined Beta and Gamma Radiation. Note: Not all locations have working Beta Radiation Monitors. Gamma Radiation Monitors are functioning at all these locations.

4. South Korea’s TFR or Total Fertility Rate. CIA, The World Fact Book.

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