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How I Make Curly Copper – Video

Curly Copper

I made this video is to demonstrate the labor intensive process of making curly copper pieces.  Roz and I are always looking to improve the energetic qualities of the Orgonite pieces we sell.  I set out to make these curly copper pieces as close as I can to the curl of the Golden Ratio. I think that Orgone, Chi, Qi, Prana and Life Force energy are different names for the same thing. This is the background energy field that permeates the fabric of our reality, from which everything is created. This energy naturally flows along in swirls, and spirals in all directions, continuously. Therefore, it is a natural tendency for this energy to flow along these curly copper pieces.

R & D

It took me about a month to figure out how to make the curly copper cutter in the video. I made a full set of personal pieces with the new curly copper. Roz then compared the energetic qualities of the new pieces. I handed her one each of the old version and the newer version. Roz compared all 11 personal pieces, one by one. She said that the new curly copper pieces were about 20% better energetically than the old pieces. Aside from that, the new curly copper is esthetically more pleasing, catching and reflecting light for added sparkle.

Curly Copper for Orgonite Pendants

Using Local Resources

We buy all of our metal supplies from a local metal recycling company in Cottonwood Arizona. That is where I purchased the #4 gauge solid copper wire used in the video. It takes me about 6 hours to make 9.8 ounces of curly copper. If I had the budget, I would buy several large copper ingots from and have them delivered to a local machine shop. There the shop would use a CNC machine to whittle it down to get a large amount of curly copper pieces. Until then, this is the method that I’m using to make the curly copper we use in the personal pieces we make and sell on this website.

Note: the product images have not been updated with the curly copper.

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