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Miracelous Orgoniter

The video below was made by Miracelous Orgoniter You can see for yourself that Orgonite mitigates EMR.

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Roz and I have powerful Orgonite pieces that we make and have priced so everyone can afford them. Our objective is to get as much Orgonite out there as possible. Its not about making our fortune.

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Wireless radiation causes cancer, according to the latest scientific findings

Wireless radiation causes cancer, according to the latest scientific findings

cell towers( The National Association for Children and Safe Technology (NACST) is calling on children’s health and cancer prevention organizations to make the issue of children’s exposure to wireless radiation in educational facilities a priority for 2015.

A 2014 study on wireless radiation, by the Hardell Group in Sweden, found a 3-fold risk with twenty-five years or more of cordless and cell phone use. Perhaps more worrying is the finding that people who first used cell or cordless phones before the age of twenty had the highest risk.

The science is clear: Cell phone use increases our risk of cancer

Another study by the same researchers found a correlation between wireless phone use and lower survival rates for people diagnosed with the most malignant form of brain tumor, gliomas. These two studies followed the CERENAT study which found that, “risks were higher for gliomas, temporal tumors, occupational and urban mobile phone use. “

The biggest wireless study carried out, the $25 million Interphone Study, found that: “regular use of a cell phone by adults can significantly increase the risk of gliomas by 40% with 1640 hours or more of use (this is about one half hour per day over ten years).” Given the established and emerging science, the NACST calls for students to be provided with a safe learning environment, free from wireless radiation.

Wireless technology – in educational settings – pose a serious threat to children’s health

The nations schools are now rife with wireless exposures because, as the NACST states, “there has been a national movement to digitalize learning in our schools”. The NACST points out these high exposures in classrooms are caused by:

  • Industrial strength routers
  • Thirty or more handheld devices or laptops – which all emit radiation

These exposures represent an unprecedented health risk to children because they are being exposed 6 hours a day, 5 days a week, for their entire school careers. This is in addition to their exposures outside of the educational setting, which given that most children now have cell phones and most homes are equipped with Wi-Fi is not inconsequential.

Children absorb up to ten times more radiation than adults

Children are more vulnerable than adults to the effects of wireless radiation for a variety of reasons:

  • Their bodies are still developing and the impacts of chronic exposure to radiation are more profound.
  • Research shows children absorb up to ten times more radiation than adults.
  • Safe limits for children have never been established.

This is an urgent ‘call for action’.

The National Association for Children and Safe Technology wants to see the following changes – immediately:

1. All new school technology should be hardwired.

2. All existing wireless systems should be replaced with hardwired systems.

3. The implementation of primary prevention efforts. The public needs to be educated as to the simple steps they can take to reduce exposure.

EMF exposures linked to a long list of chronic diseases

We forget that electromagnetic fields (EMFs) are all around us because we can’t see them, touch them or taste them. These exposures are linked to a long list of adverse biological effects including DNA damage and many serious diseases including cancer, brain tumors, and cardiovascular disease. The Bioinitiative Report details these adverse effects extensively.

EMFs come in different shapes and forms. There are 3 common forms of EMFs present in our homes, schools and places of work:

  • Magnetic fields – wherever current flows magnetic fields are present. The more current that flows the higher the magnetic field that is generated.
  • Electric fields – created by variations in voltage, these EMFs are present even if no current is flowing.
  • Radio frequency radiation – commonly known as wireless or cell phone radiation.

How dangerous are the EMF fields lurking inside your home?

Many common household devices emit all three forms of EMFs to a lesser or greater extent. For instance cell phones emit primarily radio frequency radiation but the battery in a cell phone is also the source of low level magnetic and electric fields.

Household wiring is a source of magnetic and electric fields, if there are wiring errors the magnetic fields can be significant. But household wiring can also be a source of radio frequency since the wiring system in your home can act as an antenna, emitting and receiving ambient radio frequency signals.

Take action and protect yourself from harm.

Measuring with an EMF meter is the only way to know what your exposures are. A good starter meter is the Trifield EMF meter* – since it can measure electric, magnetic and radio frequency radiation. Though admittedly it’s sensitivity to radio frequency radiation is quite limited. Nevertheless, it’s a good choice of meter because it combines three meters in one and it’s very easy to use.

Once you have a good EMF meter it’s child’s play to detect the EMFs in your environment. Slowly go through each of the rooms in your house, taking readings for each type of radiation and then eliminate or mitigate the hotspots.

Studies show that EMFs impact the quality of our sleep and the production of melatonin, an important hormone. Because of this the best place to start is the bedroom. Anything electrical in the bedroom is a potential source of EMFs.

That also means making sure your kids don’t sleep with their cell phones on. Better still don’t allow them to use their cell phone in the bedroom.

Your children need protecting at school but also you do need to take the necessary steps to protect them, and yourself, at home from these potentially very harmful exposures.

About the author: Lloyd Burrell is the founder of His website offers solutions to the growing number of people whose health is being compromised by exposure to wireless and similar technologies. Download his free EMF Health Report today!


Is The Trifield 100XE The Best EMF Meter?

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An Article from 2007 – Microwaves: The Radiation Poisoning of America

By Amy Worthington
October 8, 2007

Microwaves: The Radiation Poisoning of America (Oct. 8, 2007)

Microwave (radiation) TowerForward courtesy of Gary Vesperman

From the September 2007 Idaho Observer:

Introductory comments from Don Harkin:

Prior to 1996, the wireless age was not coming online fast enough, primarily because communities had the authority to block the siting of cell towers. But the Federal Communications Act (1996) made it virtually impossible for communities to stop construction of cell towers —even if they pose threats to public health and the environment.

Since the decision to enter the age of wireless convenience was politically determined for us, we have forgotten well-documented safety and environmental concerns and, with a devil-may-care zeal that is lethally short-sighted, we have incorporated into our lives every wireless toy that comes on the market as quickly as it becomes available. We behave as if we are addicted to radiation. Our addiction to cell phones has led to harder “drugs” like wireless Internet. And now we are bathing in the radiation that our wireless enthusiasm has financed. The addicted, uninformed, corporately biased and politically-influenced may dismiss our scientifically-sound concerns about the apocalyptic hazards of wireless radiation. But we must not. Instead, we must sound the alarm.

Microwave Radiation

Illa Garcia wore jewelry the first day she went back to work as a fire lookout for the state of California in the summer of 2002. The intense radiation from dozens of RF/microwave antennas surrounding the lookout heated the metals on her body enough to burn her skin. “I still have those scars,” she says. “I never wore jewelry to work [to her job] after that.”

Likely Mountain Lookout, on U.S. Forest Service land with a spectacular view of Mount Shasta, is one of thousands of RF/microwave “hot spots” across the nation. A newly-erected cellular communications tower was only 30 feet from the lookout. “One antenna on that tower was even with our heads,” recalls Garcia. “We could hear high-pitched buzzing. There were also three state communications antennas mounted on the lookout, only 6 feet from where we walked. We climbed past them every day.”

Motorola company manuals for management of communications sites confirm that high frequency radiation from these antennas is nasty stuff. Safety regulations mandate warning signs, EMF awareness training, protective gear, even transmitter deactivation for personnel working that close to antennas. Garcia and co-worker Mary Jasso were never warned about the hazards which, they say, demonstrates extreme malfeasance on the part of agencies and commercial companies responsible for their exposure.

By the end of fire season, Garcia and Jasso were so ill they were forced to retire and the lookout was closed to state personnel. Garcia, 52, is now severely disabled with fibromyalgia, auto-immune thyroiditis and acute nerve degeneration. Medical tests confirmed broken DNA strands in her blood and abnormal tissue death in her brain.

Microwave Exposure

Dr. Gunner Heuser, a medical specialist in neurotoxicity, states that Garcia’s disorders are a result of chronic electromagnetic field exposure in the microwave range and that “she has become totally disabled as a result.” Dr. Heuser said, “In my experience patients develop multisystem complaints after EMF exposure just as they do after toxic chemical exposure.”

Jasso, who worked the lookout for 11 seasons, is now disabled with brain and lung damage, partial left side paralysis, muscle tremors, bone pain and DNA damage. Jasso discovered that all lookouts who worked Likely Mountain since 1989 are disabled. At only 61 years of age, she has lost so much memory that she cannot remember back to when her first three children were born. She fears that communications radiation may be a major factor in the nation’s phenomenal epidemics of dementia and autism.

Both women say they have been unjustly denied worker’s comp and medical benefits. Their pleas for help to state and federal agencies have been fruitless. Between them they have racked up over $150,000 in medical bills, although there is no effective treatment for radiation sickness.
Twenty-two other members of Garcia and Jasso’s two families received Likely Mountain radiation exposure. All suffer serious and expensive illnesses, including tumors, blood abnormalities, stomach problems, lung damage, bone pain, muscle spasms, extreme fatigue, tremors, numbness, impaired motor skills, cataracts, memory loss, spine degeneration, sleep problems, low immunity to infection, hearing and vision problems, hair loss and allergies.
Jasso’s husband, who often stayed at the lookout, has a rare soft tissue sarcoma known to be radiation related. Garcia’s husband, who spent little time at the lookout, has systemic cancer that started with sarcoma of the colon. Garcia’s daughter Teresa was at the lookout for a total of two hours during her first pregnancy. Her daughter was born with slight brain damage and immunity problems. “That baby was always sick,” says Garcia. Teresa spent only three days at the lookout during her second pregnancy. Her son was born with autism.

Garcia and Jasso also have a terminal condition known as “toxic encephalopathy,” involving brain damage to frontal and temporal lobes. This was confirmed by SPECT brain scans. Twelve others in the two-family group who also had the scans were diagnosed with the affliction. “All of us with this condition have been told that we’re dying,” says Garcia. “Our mutated cells will reproduce new mutated cells until the body finally shuts down.”

Nuclear bombs on a pole

Painful conditions endured by the families of Garcia and Jasso are identical to those suffered by Japanese victims of gamma wave radiation after nuclear explosions at Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945. Five decades of studies confirm that non-ionizing communications radiation in the RF/microwave spectrum has the same effect on human health as ionizing gamma wave radiation from nuclear reactions. Leading German radiation expert Dr. Heyo Eckel, an official of the German Medical Association, stated, “The injuries that result from radioactive radiation are identical with the effects of electromagnetic radiation. The damages are so similar that they are hard to differentiate.”1

Understanding what happened at Likely Mountain is critical to understanding the public health threat posed by radiation in the United States. The families of Garcia and Jasso, plus previous lookout workers and multitudes of tourists who visited Likely Mountain for camping and sightseeing, were beamed by the same kind of high frequency radiation that blasts from tens of thousands of neighborhood cell towers and rooftop antennas erected across America for wireless communications. The city of San Francisco, with an area of only seven square miles, has over 2,500 licensed cell phone antennas positioned at 530 locations throughout the city. In practical terms, this city, like thousands of others, is being wave-nuked 24 hours a day.
The identical damage resulting from both radioactive gamma waves and high frequency microwaves is a pathological condition in which the nuclei of irradiated human cells splinter into fragments called micronuclei. Micronuclei are a definitive pre-cursor of cancer. During the 1986 nuclear reactor disaster at Chernobyl in Russia, the ionizing radiation released was equivalent to 400 atomic bombs, with an estimated ultimate human toll of 10,000 deaths. Exposed Russians quickly developed blood cell micronuclei, leaving them at high risk for cancer.

What they wouldn’t tell us

RF/microwaves from cell phones and cell tower transmitters also cause micronuclei damage in blood cells. This was reported a decade ago by Drs. Henry Lai and Narendrah Singh, biomedical researchers at the University of Washington in Seattle. Dr. Singh is famous for refining comet assay techniques used to identify DNA damage. Lai and Singh demonstrated in numerous animal studies that mobile phone radiation quickly causes DNA single and double strand breaks at levels well below the current federal “safe” exposure standards.2

The telecommunications industry knows this thanks to its own six-year, wireless technology research (WTR) study program mandated by Congress and completed in 1999. Gathering a team of over 200 doctors, scientists and experts in the field, WTR research showed that human blood exposed to cell phone radiation had a 300-percent increase in genetic damage in the form of micronuclei.3 Dr. George Carlo, a public health expert who coordinated the WTR studies, confirms that exposure to communications radiation from wireless technology is “potentially the biggest health insult” this nation has ever seen. Dr. Carlo believes RF/microwave radiation is a greater threat than cigarette smoking and asbestos.

In 2000, European communications giant T-Mobile commissioned the German ECOLOG Institute to review all available scientific evidence in regard to health risks for wireless telecommunications. ECOLOG found over 220 peer-reviewed, published papers documenting the cancer-initiating and cancer-promoting effects of the high frequency radiation employed by wireless technology.4 Many corroborating studies have been published since.

By 2004, 12 research groups from seven European countries cooperating in the REFLEX study project confirmed that microwaves from wireless communications devices cause significant single and double strand DNA breaks in both human and animal cells under laboratory conditions.5 In 2005, a Chinese medical study confirmed statistically significant DNA damage from pulsed microwaves at cell phone levels.6 That same year, University of Chicago researchers described how pulsed communications microwaves alter gene expression in human cells at non-thermal exposure levels.7
Because gamma waves and RF/microwave radiation are identically carcinogenic and genotoxic to the cellular roots of life, the safe dose of either kind of radiation is zero. No study has proven that any level of exposure from cell-damaging radiation is safe for humans. Dr. Carlo confirms that cell damage is not dose dependant because any exposure level can trigger damage response by cell mechanisms.8

Officials at the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and the National Institutes of Health closely reviewed the damning results of WTR studies, which also revealed microwave damage to the blood brain barrier, but have chosen to downplay, obfuscate and even deny the irrepressible science of the day. Raking in $billions from selling spectrum licenses, the feds have allowed the telecom industry to unleash demonstrably dangerous technology which induces millions of people to become brain-intimate with improperly tested wireless devices9 and which saturates the nation with carcinogenic waves to service those devices. Dr. Carlo says that even the American Cancer Society is in bed with the communications industry, which infuses the Society with substantial contributions.10

Two ways to die

Medical science illustrates that there are two ways to die from radiation poisoning: Fast burn and slow burn. Nuclear flash-burned Japanese had parts of their flesh melt off before they died in agony within hours or days. People have also quickly died after walking through powerful radar beams, which can microwave-cook internal organs within seconds of exposure.

Slow-burn radiation mechanisms are cumulative, progressive, ongoing and continual. Thousands of Japanese nuke bomb victims died painfully years after exposure. The slow burn process of RF/microwave exposure is manifested by cancer clusters commonly found in communities irradiated by cell tower transmitters. Recent Swedish epidemiological studies confirm that, after 2,000 hours of cellular phone exposure, or a latency period of about 10 years, brain cancer risk rises by 240 percent.11

Communications antennas blast the human habitat with many different electromagnetic frequencies simultaneously. Human DNA hears this energetic cacophony loud and clear, reacting like the human ear would to high volume country music, R&B plus rock and roll screaming from the same speaker simultaneously. Irradiated cells struggle to protect themselves against this destructive dissonance by hardening their membranes. They cease to receive nourishment, stop releasing toxins, die prematurely and spill micronuclei fragments into a sort of “tumor bank account.”

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An Article from 2006 – Cell Phones And Wireless Dangers – The Fundamentals

By Arthur Firstenberg
October 5, 2007

Cell Phones And Wireless Dangers – The Fundamentals (Oct 7, 2007)

Original title:
The Largest Biological Experiment Ever

Introductory Remarks by Sepp Hasslberger

It is getting quite difficult to imagine a world without mobile communications. Wireless internet access is set to blanket the planet, just like cell phone networks already do. There has been an explosive development – practically all during the last three decades – that brought mobile to the farthest corners of the earth. But the technology is not without danger. The microwaves that carry bits and packets of data also carry a germ of destruction. Some people – as many as 120,000 Californians – and by implication 1 million Americans – are actually unable to work as they suffer from the incapacitating influence that this cacophony in the ether has on them.

We might say they are the unlucky ones who have to suffer for progress to continue – but have you ever heard of canaries in the mines? They were the first ones to die when a potentially deadly but otherwise undetectable accumulation of “mine gas” threatened the lives of the miners working underground. What if those 120.000 Californians and the one million Americans and by extension tens of millions of people world wide are in a very real sense our equivalent of deep-mine canaries? Are we not ignoring their plight at our own very imminent peril?

Arthur Firstenberg, himself a sufferer of what the Russians call “microwave sickness” has put together the salient facts about the largest biological experiment ever, in a very readable article published in the Eldorado Sun.

We cannot call ourselves informed in the wireless debate unless we start looking at its dark side as well as all the positive aspects. Firstenberg’s article is as good as any to get us going in this direction …continue reading >>>

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A Don Croft Article from 2002

Don Croft

Orgone Generator F.A.Q.

Don Croft
I love this pic of Don

By Don Croft <>
August, 2002

I’m beginning this FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS essay because it tears my heart out to consider the pain that newcomers to the Chembuster forum are experiencing as they wade through the volume of posts to glean a basic understanding of the process we Chembuster aficionados are involved in ( ). I’ll keep adding to it as new questions arise.  Our original cloudbuster chat forum at yahoo was sabotaged by covert agents who prevented me from posting and moderating the site. They also deleted importantt messages and cut people off from posting on a regular basis. So we mostly post our current messages at the new site above, since we have a secure server there.  It’s still worth going to the old site, however,  to look at the early messages and search the archive for many good articles and photos. The old cloudbuster forum is located at: http://groups/ . (

This is NOT, NOT, NOT a scientific essay or to be used to formally promote our ideas and I’m the first to admit that I don’t fully understand what I’m doing, but I have gathered some observations over the past year of my Chembuster career that I’d like to share in this format. You must use your discretion and not blindly accept any of these ideas or conclusions.

‘Orgone Generator’ is a term I’m using advisedly, of course, since all things are generated from orgone.   In fact, these devices primarily draw in unbalanced orgone, revitalize it, and send it back out again. There are other things happening, but I’m going to concern myself mainly with that process in this essay.

‘Orgone Accumulators’ draw in and concentrate orgone and send it back out again. When they draw in unbalanced orgone, they send it back out as unbalanced orgone, so one needs to use them in a place where there is more good orgone than the bad stuff.

I made orgone accumulators for a time before I  investigated more information about orgone generators which I learned about from a customer of mine who had obtained a small device from the internet and had paid quite a bit of money for it. ‘Hey—it’s nothing but metal particles embedded in epoxy!’  My customer was a little irate, since he paid a lot of money for that, but I was elated by the possibilities, since this device was obviously putting out a lot more orgone than the accumulators I was making and using.

In fact, orgone generators are made by mixing equal parts, by volume, of metal particles and organic matrix material, such as epoxy resin and polyester resin. ‘Organic’ means ‘hydrocarbon,’ not necessarily something from a garden that you eat.

The metal in the mix can be ANY metal, but very fine particles, like the brass grindings from a key-making machine, and very large pieces, are less effective than BBs and spiral shavings and particles from a machine shop.

Contrary to the vehement objections of some researchers, aluminum is perfectly alright to use for orgone accumulators and orgone generators. I used nothing but aluminum foil and saran wrap for my numerous accumulators and the effects actually exceeded (in my opinion) the effects of the very bulky accumulators conventionally used by Reich devotees, probably because they were more adaptable, compact, even portable. This is just one instance of my karma running over someone else’s dogma.  I wasn’t the only person making effective orgone accumulators with aluminum, of course.

I’ve requested a rational explanation from the Reich experts who told me that aluminum is forbidden as a component in orgone devices, but have been met with stoic silence from them on that subject. I refrain from mentioning their names out of respect and I don’t want to embarrass them. These experts have had plenty to say to me otherwise, so maybe someday they’ll produce a rational argument—possibly after at least one of them has tried our newer methods.

My daughter, Nora, was living with me when I started experimenting with orgone generators three years ago.  She went through death at age five and was able to see subtle energies after that, so I put her to work when she was eleven, evaluating the energy patterns and strength of the various orgone generator configurations I was making. Nora’s living with her mom now, but my new wife, Carol, also has the gift of seeing subtle energies and she and I came up with the configurations we’re using for the Chembuster, Holy Handgrenade, St. Buster’s Button, and Harmonic Protector (thereapeutic orgone generator, used on the body).

SO—here are the basic components of an orgone generator:  equal parts resin and metal particles, quartz crystal/s aligned in the direction you wish the orgone to travel (crystals also inherently organize chaotic energy and act as extensions of a person’s will). Pipes open on one end, the other embedded in the generator, are added to enhance the orgone flow and/or the draw of unbalanced orgone, and the lengths, diameter and number of pipes are a factor.

We are pioneers with this technology, but are by no means experts, nor do we fully understand the process. We’re happy to leave that to others who are more intelligent and have the inclination to analyze it correctly.
As pioneers, though, we’re apparently way ahead of anyone coming to this from even the most august and reputable of scientific, even metaphysical backgrounds. The long trail of letters behind one’s name won’t open the door to understanding this essentially simple process, I’m sorry to say, and only one’s own experiential observation and instincts will bring understanding.

Among the current Chembuster veterans, there are the unemployed and unskilled, as well as doctors, engineers and scientists, and the former are certainly no less successful in their efforts than the latter. In fact, the latter actually are struggling with a handicap, since a lot of what is happening in front of them contradicts their science paradigm, and that tends to hamper their integration process a bit.  There’s a lot to be said for formal education, but one who has earned letters does need to contend with ‘the dust of acquired knowledge’ that tends to obscure the human heart and instincts.

Assuming that you’ve read the instructions for the orgone generating devices, I’ll just start listing the Qs and As. Please excuse the apparent disorder. Maybe some inspired soul with a better sense of order will organize and edit  this someday… continue reading >>>

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Are EMF’s Damaging Your Health?

I found this video below on this web page where there are many links to information regarding all aspects of electromagnetic frequencies / radiation. Also many topics of interest on that website.

Orgonite will transmute these effects to a large degree. I do agree that we should go back to CAT5 cables and turn off the WiFi’s in our schools and homes.

What I find so nefarious are the frequencies that are being used. What hidden agenda is behind using frequencies for all of these devices that damage cells of all living thing’s? There are electromagnetic frequencies that do no damage whatsoever, that could be used in cellphone and WiFi devices, why aren’t they available now? Why isn’t the industry transitioning away from the current harmful devices? and introducing devices that do no harm?

If you have any answers, questions or comments, please post them below.

I will be posting more article’s related to this topic in the near future. You can receive these updates via email by subscribing on the upper right side.