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Pyramid Power with Ken Rohla

Ken talks about Pyramid Power and names some resources where you can do some research for yourself. Ken talks about placing 6 to 8 small Orgonite Pyramids outside to help clear the atmosphere and create a field that helps mitigate radiation, chemtrails etc. Ken’s website is and

Published on Aug 5, 2015

Fresh And Alive president Ken Rohla explains what pyramids are, how they work, construction tips, which scientists’ work to study to learn more, Dr. Alexander Golod, Dr. Konstantin Meyl, Dr. Valery Uvarov, Dr. Semir Osmanagić, Dr. Patrick Flanagan and his book Pyramid Power, and Dr. Fred Bell. Will Fresh And Alive be coming out with pyramid kits? Which is better, one large pyramid or several small ones?

Ken Discusses The Rest Shield, Orgonite, Orgone, Scalar Energy and What You Can Do With Them

Published on Jul 17, 2015
Fresh And Alive founder Ken Rohla answers questions regarding his Rest Shield scalar energy device, orgone (aka scalar energy), orgonite, and more. Ken explains the physics of how they work and how you can optimize your own orgonite devices.

You can learn more about the science of scalar energy from the work of Dr. Konstantin Meyl (, Dr. Nikolai Kozyrev, Dr. Thomas E. Bearden (, Dr. Konstantin Korotkov (, Dr. Georges Lakhovksy (, Wilhelm Reich, Karl Hans Welz (, Nassim Haramein (, Marko Rodin (, Dr. Bruce Lipton (