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Don Croft on Rain in Lybia 3yrs comparison – WBR (weather resistance bullettin)

Source | EthericWarriors

I’ve always been amused by the casual way that most of us do this work and achieve consistent,  miraculous, long-lasting results around the planet.  There are other ways to get it done in the short term but only orgonite keeps on working in the environment after the operator has gone and some evidence suggests that orgonite pieces network in a global fashion.  Synergy is one of the main elements of real science and I don’t think the enemy are equipped to comprehend that.  They rather seem to accomplish a dirty, degraded sort of synergy that’s based on the energy of decay, perhaps much like the Babylonian banksters’ financial system is based on ersatz debt and the destruction of hope.  The mass-hypnotic effect of this ‘economic’ programming seems obvious to me when people lament about ‘the national debt.’  Everyone knows that these banksters don’t lend out real money, after all; they create it out of nothing and lend it to governments. If all of these banksters and their magical ledger books disappeared right now (Ascended Bastards?) the result would surely be nearly-instant global prosperity.

Trevor Constable has been a pioneer at generating rainfall since the 70s, I think. He started out on the sea when he was a ship’s officer.  He was inspired in those days to just make fairly simple, dynamic metal shapes that rotated and it consistently generated rain along the routes.   He later started employing Reich cloudbusters to end droughts and in those days he got pretty frustrated because the state of California refused to pay for the work after he generated some ‘free’ rain, ending a long drought in Los Angeles.  It was probably some time later that the Chinese gov’t, though, hired him to reverse the Gobi Desert but the cloudbusters which were bringing rain to the desert had caused forest fires in an adjacent region and he had to stop, then.  At least, this is what someone who knows him told me at the time.

At one point he was attaching simple metal tubes to wingstruts of small planes and generating rain on the ‘dry’ side of Oahu Island in Hawaii by simply flying those planes toward the barrier cliffs that were catching all the rain from the northeast tradewinds.

Lately, he’s developed some other method for generating rain but I presume it’s still interactive and needs that element to keep working.  In the early years of this orgonite effort he used to say bad things about orgonite, claiming it doesn’t work.  He was a frequent guest on Jeff Rense’s show in those days. I think he and Jeff Rense later stopped campaigning to discredit orgonite.  That’s not surprising, considering how orgonite’s popularity is growing.  The people rule and that’s always been so.

Another thing this amazing man did was to document the existence of living creatures in the atmosphere that can only be detected with infrared and x-ray (radar) equipment.  They’re immune to gravity and exist in a broad range of size.  I sort of wonder if they’re related to Sylphs. When he published that book (I think in the 1970s) his character was aggressively assaulted by prominent members of the UFO-observing community who felt threatened by the notion that these things were not spaceships, nor necessarily from another planet.  The CIA/AirForce has always controlled this community, though, and long before the internet they were employing trained sociopaths (Delphi Protocols) to destroy the reputations of genuine researchers.

When my friends feel discouraged by the way we’re all supposed to be programmed to believe that ‘man is essentially evil’ I remind them that actual sociopaths never abuse people they don’t know.  They rather abuse a very small circle of people who are closer to them but are unwilling or unable to break away. An abusive mother or father is an example of that. These people usually clam up in a more public setting.   The NSA and other sociopathic institutions, though, are well capable of fielding a vast army of people who will show up as trolls in every conceivable social group and will be such a constant distraction that they usually just cause the groups to disintegrate.  We could say that in any group of ten people, for instance, one or two will be these ‘change agents’ and they invariably work together.  I can tell you that it’s no easy chore to exclude these from a forum effort and that’s probably why this forum is the only reputable source of field reports and ‘clean’ information about how to do this work.  There are many thousands of people doing this work and many millions who know about it so it’s not an accident that there’s only one, fairly obscure forum to represent it.

I’ve told this story several times but most of that probably disappeared when the forum was destroyed by hackers and agency hooligans at the  Montreal and Santiago server facilities in past years before Azti took competent charge of the forum’s safety in 2010.

I was a sign painter and illustrator before I got into the zapper trade, 20 years ago, which led me into the orgonite trade a few years later.  About 30 years ago I was working with an older sign painter in St Louis and when we started talking about weird stuff he told me about an interesting and edifying experience that he and his family had in the late 1950s.  He and his older son had set up a telescope on the roof in those days to study  the planets and a big, saucer UFO showed up and hovered directly over them for some minutes, then went away.  This followed an unpleasant time when an aeronautical engineer at McDonnell-Douglas (a weaponry and space contractor for the gov’t) was advising the local UFO-watcher group that many of the UFOs were apparently man-made.  He was shouted down and essentially banished from the group, which then focused only on the theosophy silliness that the CIA/AirForce were and still are pushing.  He stopped going to the meetings and that’s when the saucer showed up, presumably to intimidate him.

Carol and I are happy to say that we, too, have been intimidated, up close,  by quiet antigravity flying saucers that are obviously man-made. I bet the enemy get frustrated when those events just make people feel encouraged rather than spooked Cool.  That’s probably why it’s not happening to us, any more.  We’ve seen enough ‘spaceships’ that we feel confident that we can determine which ones are made by the ‘local’ sewer rats and which ones are from offworld, too.  We’ve even seen an apparently holographic, full size jet airliner that was very quiet and essentially hovered low over the town at a weird angle in the middle of the day. The landing gear was down.